Dr. Crystal Vaught, Principal
YCIS Silicon Valley
Mountain View, California

Walk With Purpose
As the Head of School, my morning duty is to greet students. Every day, one parent drops his son off at the curb, often a bit late, and repeats, “Walk with purpose, son.” Throughout my first year as a Head of School, Aleasha has been a coach, educator, mentor, guide, confidant, and challenger while reminding me to ‘walk with purpose’.  She has provided a safe space for growth conversations, offered various perspectives, taken me off the ledge, confirmed and challenged my assumptions. She is rigorously honest and humanistic with a dose of candor and humor. Aleasha has taught me how to impact culture by being present but also by seeing what’s coming around the corner. Parts of Educational Leadership come natural, but so many skills need to be learned and practiced in context. Aleasha has helped me hone more than I believed possible.

Dr. Paul M. Fochtman, Head of School
Frankfurt International School
Frankfurt, Germany

Creating a Culture of Coaching
Creating a ‘Culture of Coaching’ within a school, is a highly worthwhile but challenging endeavour.  Nothing is more important in this process than finding a capable and inspiring Coach who can help set the foundation of understanding and trust that is needed for this work to take root. Aleasha Morris is just that person. Her engagement with Frankfurt International School, specifically our Leadership Team and Board of Trustees, has taken us to a new level of professional reflection and development that will pay huge dividends for our entire learning community. I would strongly recommend her to any school wanting to energize and unify its stakeholders.

Sheena Nabholz, Head of School
Lincoln Community School
Accra Ghana

Virtual Consulting: Breaking the Barriers of Distance
Wanting to get the best possible start with my new Senior Leadership Team, I decided to contract Aleasha Morris from Flo Consulting to facilitate our Admin retreat. The focus of the retreat was a combination of the CliftonStrengths work and the Patrick Lencioni book, The Advantage, which so effectively outlines the leadership norms I wanted to establish with my new Team.  I was delighted to discover that Aleasha had prior experience in meshing those two approaches with Leadership Teams and provided genuinely helpful strategies and suggestions for me as a leader that enhanced my entry into a new school. 

Because of the logistics involved, and in consultation with Aleasha, we decided to have her “Skype in” for the sessions, rather than having her fly to Ghana and I would highly recommend that schools with limited budgets for such retreats give consideration to using Skype or Zoom (or similar technology) to bring high quality consulting to you virtually. We scheduled three 90-minute sessions over three days, which allowed us time to weave some of the practical business of getting school opened with the goal of creating an effective Leadership Team, guided by clearly defined norms, and a desire to know each other more deeply.

Aleasha was extremely well prepared for our sessions, effectively led us through the various activities, and demonstrated the knack that all exceptional consultants possess – knowing when to deepen an activity and when the group was not yet ready to go deeper.  The Team’s feedback was extremely positive, with all of our desired outcomes amply met. I highly appreciated Aleasha’s follow up with me; clearly she was invested in our Team’s success and curious to know how our collaborative relationships developed as a result of our time with her.

I would not hesitate to recommend Aleasha to any school wanting to create and sustain an effective Leadership Team. I look forward to working with her again at the beginning of next year as we onboard two new Senior Administrators.  

Lauren Murphy, Learning Resource Specialist
USA / Singapore

Merging ‘Personal’ with ‘Professional’ Development
Being an educational leader can often be isolating, but coaching felt like having someone in my corner to help me process and develop action plans. Aleasha’s Coaching Process and questions always provoked meaningful reflection. She also provided thoughtful insights into my professional journey so that I was not alone.

Professional and Personal coaching with Aleasha was an invaluable experience. Aleasha leveraged my Strengths to help me understand myself at a deeper level and to gain a unique perspective of the complex dynamics within my professional role. I highly value Aleasha’s experience as a teacher, consultant, and coach. This unique combination allowed her to truly understand my goals.  Despite miles and time zones between us, meeting Aleasha online was like catching up with a friend. She understood my busy work and doctorate schedule and was always flexible with finding a time that was convenient for me, even if it meant she had to wake up before the sun!

If you are looking to develop yourself, challenge your own thinking and gain newfound insight into your personal and professional growth…. I would highly recommend coaching with Aleasha.

Jemma Hooykaas, Teacher Leader
New Zealand 
/ Singapore

Online Leadership Coaching: An Investment in You
Every month Aleasha and I worked virtually together to dig deep into what made me….me. She used my Strengths as the foundation to probe deeper and gently push me into becoming a stronger woman through open and honest conversations. Aleasha consistently showed a deep commitment to understanding me. She used that knowledge to empower & challenge me both personally & professionally. After a year of working together, one difficult aspect of my life had been transformed. Aleasha has a genuine warmth coupled with a drive to see people fulfill their potential. Coaching with Aleasha is an investment in yourself and it is absolutely worth it.

Heidi Cavanagh, Principal
Westwood International School
Gaborone, Botswana

A Difference Maker for Achieving our School Goals
I have worked with Aleasha both on-site and through a completely virtual engagement that we designed for our Team while working in a remote part of the world.  I can say that Aleasha shines through all of her interactions; her insightfulness, passion,and her ability to connect were experienced by us all. Simply put, she is outstanding.

Whether together in the conference room or through our Skype sessions, Aleasha brings out the best in everyone.  Her approach with our school was incredibly supportive and transformative. Participants learned so much about themselves and their colleagues. Ultimately, our impact on the school’s goals was achieved with much greater ease knowing how to both lead and listen with our Strengths.

Megan Marcoux, Fellow
Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program
Monteal, Quebec

Future Global Leaders
From the initial consultation process to the implementation of a series of Strengths-based workshops and conversations, Aleasha brought highly valued knowledge, skills, and expertise to the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation’s Public Leadership Program. She helped our culturally diverse group of Fellows to understand the uniqueness of their Strengths in relation to their own personal, professional and global leadership endeavours.

Each session led by Aleasha incorporated a unique blend of learning opportunities that included information, reflection, dialogue, and group activities. Her facilitation style was both polished and fluid; structured but also flexible, allowing the group to engage in deeper learning conversations and authentic opportunities to explore our own dynamics in context.

In my opinion, the awareness of both self and others are crucial elements for Leadership Development; Aleasha’s Strengths training delves into both of these areas. I believe her offerings should serve as foundational building blocks for any Professional Development program that wants to focus on Servant Leadership in the 21st century.

Rajiv Bahit, Chief Operating Officer
Search Associates
South Carolina

Expertise, Experience & Energy
I first met Aleasha when she presented at the Academy for International School Heads (AISH) summer seminar in 2015. Subsequently, as part of her work with another consulting firm, she came to the International School of Panama on several occasions to meet with our school Leadership Team. It was there that I was able to see how the combination of her experience in international education alongside her passion for Strengths based Team development could be transformative for school leaders. I see so much value in using the language of Strengths as a starting point to building more efficient and cohesive Teams. Aleasha brings excellent insights and an engaging facilitation style that fosters trust.

Kristin Gaarder, Vice President / General Manager

Team Health Matters
The leadership team within the Americas organization had undergone a significant level of team member changes. We suffered from a lack of vision and struggled with the alignment of competing priorities.  As a facilitator, Aleasha led us through a series of high performing Strengths based Team sessions where we established a clear strategy, objectives and ways of working together. Aleasha facilitated the Team to a deeper appreciation for who we are and how we operate as individuals.  We took that knowledge and new appreciation for one another and engaged in a totally different dialogue on where our business should be going. As the team continues to change, we are invested in engaging Aleasha’s services to coach and guide our conversation further into productive and business driven outcomes.

Dr. Stephan Falk, Board Member
Board of Trustees (8yrs)
Frankfurt International School

Building a Cohesive School Board
Thank you, Aleasha, for your great and empathic coaching! I am fascinated by your insights and your ability to bring to light essential but hidden character traits in us all- a truly memorable experience for me.