Who is the Ideal Flo Team Coaching Client

Be willing to invest in truly knowing your people
Be ready to harness potential
Be willing to examine your structures
Be open to vulnerability
Be committed to action
Be ready to feedforward

Who is Paying Attention to the Teams?

I have yet to work with any organization that isn’t focused on hiring the most talented, experienced professionals they can. They’re looking for innovators and game changers – those people who can instantly perform. But what happens when you put all of these outstanding people together on a Team, isn’t always what you would expect. That’s because most busy organizations abide by the Crockpot Theory of Teaming that says if we hire great professionals, and put them all together, they should just be able to figure out how to be great together. In other words, when it comes to Teams, organizations typically ‘set it and forget it’.  But this casserole mentality doesn’t take into consideration the complexity of each person. It doesn’t account for the subtle human nuances that have a massive impact on Team dynamics and performance.


Why do Teams Need a Coach?

Let’s face it. Teams are where the real work happens in any organization. But these Teams are almost always different (and smaller!) than the ones that exist on paper in the formal org chart. In fact, these working relationships are often invisible because they are so fluid and responsive.  This natural movement in complex dynamic systems, creates opportunities for every single person to have influence – regardless of title or formal role. But this reality can also reveal relational gaps. Because when there is organizational pressure for Teams to prioritize the work, ahead of the people doing the work, they miss out on the best human resource they have – potential. At Flo, we know how to change the conversation for your Team. We design and structure sessions that will make the many moving parts of your Team more effective, more efficient and more engaged. Because we put people first.

What is the Process?

To know and be known. That is our premise for Team development. We recognize that the complex Team cycle of inertia and motion presents challenges. But we know that there is always room to create relational capital that will fuel your performance.  So we customize the Flo experience to reflect the unique context and needs of your Team. Our coaches do the work, so Leaders can fully engage in the learning. Some of our most frequently requested sessions integrate Strengths and Patrick Lencioni’s concepts of Team development. These include, but are not limited to:


Purpose – Defining and Aligning your Team Why
Know your Team 1 – Creating a Team Identity
Trust – Establishing Vulnerability-Based vs Predictive Trust
Communication + Collaboration – Understanding the Nuances of Team Dynamics
Conflict – Creating Shoulder to Shoulder Conversation vs Face to Face Confrontation
Change – Managing the Cycle of Inertia and Momentum

Why Strengths?

At Flo, we know that Teams who prioritize their relational health are more productive and happy. Workplaces with happy people just make us feel good! We want to give every Team the opportunity to (re)calibrate their relationships. Strengths give us a common language for communication and engagement that will amplify your Team functioning. To us, Strengths isn’t an add on. It is a part of a comprehensive integrated approach to Team wellness and development.