Who is the Ideal Flo Coaching Client?

Be an aspiring, new or seasoned Leader
Be invested in the coaching process
Be willing to take risks
Be open to vulnerability
Be committed to action
Be ready to make an impact

Who Takes Care of the Leader?

Leadership can be isolating and overwhelming. Organizations expect SO much from their people in leadership roles, and assume that this is a fair trade for the title, the stipend or the occasional conference. But when I sit with people who lead, they tell me that their best learning and greatest motivation doesn’t come from these things. It comes in context. It comes from the people they serve. Nobody tells you in grad school that leadership is messy and hard. And just when you think you’ve got it right….the conditions change. So people who lead have to be adept at meeting the demands of the complex human systems they are a part of. You can’t learn this from a book. They say the best Professional Development should be just enough, at just the right time. And from what we’ve seen, that’s where most organizations are getting it wrong. People who influence don’t need a firehose of leadership mandates or more nouveau theoretical models to try. What they need is a drip line of unwavering support as they take risks, make hard decisions and hone their skills.

Why Professional Leadership Coaching?

Every Leader deserves a Coach.  It starts with developing a trusted relationship that is not evaluatory or critical. Because a great coach is always focused on you…..even when you aren’t. Flo Coaches will agitate thinking, disrupt unproductive behaviour patterns, and challenge you to move toward your own goals. They will create a process for you to declutter your role and pay attention to what matters most so that you can find your leadership why. Being tethered to your purpose will provide clarity to the chaos. A coach wants you to Go Get It…..whatever that ‘It’ is for you. Together, we excavate the hidden pieces of your story and unique constellation of talents so you can (re)discover yourself as a Leader. As coaches, we know that when the questions become your own, so too do the answers.

What is the Process?

The coaching relationship becomes a critical component to developing your SELF, alongside your ROLE and your SKILLS. As a human being, if you don’t really know yourself…then you don’t really know that much at all. Making the time to focus on Personal Development that directly impacts professional growth should be a priority for every organization that values its Leaders. So our job is to create a personalized, ongoing cycle of conversation with these areas of focus:


Attention-Capitalize on Strengths and manage weakness
Accountability-Feedforward to shape behaviour that gets results
Action-Customize the plan to your unique leadership context
Advantage-Measure and celebrate your impact

Why Strengths?

At Flo, we use CliftonStrengths™ as a common language and a foundation for our communication. Then, we design customized Personal Coaching Sessions, that layer onto your own professional goals and context. We know what it takes to lead, and we talk in confidence about the leadership issues that matter most to you. Then we work through them together- action by action.  


Fuel your talents
Lead with confidence
Optimize your results.

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