To all the Influencers, Leaders, Movers and Shapers,

Great conversations are contagious. They inspire. They challenge. They disrupt. Something about them compels us to move…..intellectually, physically and emotionally. Over time, they shape our reality.  We want to be a part of creating these conversations with you and for you.

Flo Consulting + Coaching exists to make Professional Development personal.

Let’s press pause on the busy-ness of work, so we can shift the conversation away from the traditional what it is that we do…and move it into the who, the how and the why

It is no wonder that so many people in leadership roles are professionally overwhelmed, disillusioned and disengaged. Just going through the motions. The fact is, most organizations have yet to consistently capitalize on their best human resource – potential. This simple and ongoing investment in people, alongside of the important job they do, will pay great dividends.

For the past 5 years, I have been a part of changing Professional Development dialogue with People and Teams from around the world.  Now I’ve put all of these stories, my own career experience and social energy (I like to talk!) into creating a company with a mission to put people first.  

Using the language of Strengths in a Leadership Coaching framework, Flo helps people to better understand themselves and those around them. Real time. Real people. Real issues. And when these personal development conversations are layered into your own unique professional context, we promise…they will profoundly change the way you lead, relate, influence and perform. 

Here’s to finding your Flo.

One conversation at a time.